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Activity 1

Talk about families – look at some pictures of your family. Talk about who is in your family. Counting-  how many people are in your family?

· Vocab – family, mum, dad, sister, brother, grandma, granddad, aunt, uncle, nan

Look at pictures of different families – naming people in the family

Different families – look at how families can be made up of different people. Watch the cbeebies short films about families.

Click on the link below


Activity 2 –  Look at the pictures of your family. Look at how tall/short the people are – who is the tallest? who is the shortest? Begin to use the language of size. ·

Activity 3 – Beginning to talk about the shapes of everyday objects around the house  e.g. things that are  ‘round’, things that are ‘tall’. Orders two or three items by height. – can you make a tall tower, a short tower, using language short, tall, big, small, taller, shorter, bigger, smaller

Activity 4 – Talking about the number 3. Watch the film below and see if you can find things around the house and group them into threes.


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