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29th September 2020

Dear Parents

It has been wonderful welcoming the children back into school and seeing them adapt so quickly to their environment.  Thank you for ensuring that the start and end of the school day is running so smoothly.  Keeping our children and staff safe is reliant on our school community taking responsibility to socially distance.

I would like to update you on the Local Authority latest advice.

  • Please inform us of any test results (even if they are negative) as we need to record these as part of the tracking and tracing in school.  You can do this by ringing the school between 7.45am to 4.00pm.  In the event that you receive a positive test result during the weekend please email [email protected].  Please provide your child’s name, class, the date of onset of symptoms and a brief summary of how your child is feeling and whether they have been admitted to hospital.  The email address can also be found on our website under News and Events, Coronavirus Updates.
  • If your child is entitled to free schoool meals and is isolating please contact the school office for information on requesting a food parcel.
  • We recognise that for many of you that are working, it is a great challenge to pick up your child if they become ill at school.  However,  it is very important that they go home as quickly as possible to ensure that other children and school staff remain safe.  Thank you to everyone that we have contacted so far.
  • It is recognised that children find it challenging to socially distance.  It is important that staff can socially distance from the class as much as possible.  Under our Covid19 behaviour policy the school will contact you if your child is not following the rules.  We know you would want to ensure that your child is safe in school.
  • We ask you to consider the impact of booking holidays during term time on your child’s progress.  There maybe further times when your child is required to work from home due to Covid19.
  • In the event of a positive test by either a child, parent or member of staff, I will follow the advice and instructions issued by Public Health England.  Please ensure we have your current e-mail address and mobile phone number to enable us to contact you immediately via ParentApp.
  • I wish to reassure you that school is still a happy environment with teachers implementing the full curriculum entitlement.  Mrs Lupton is currently collating our new curriculum that was developed during lockdown and we will be sharing it with you soon.
  • Our Family Team are still available to support any parents with concerns or anxieties.  Our Leadership Team are also more than willing to discuss any issues you may have.  Please contact the school office to arrange a return call.
  • As part of our #Hope project we will be distributing winter flowers to plant in your window boxes.  This will enable our children to participate in our community project and put a little colour back in the world!  Please leave a message on Facebook if you wish to participate or ring the school office.


Take care everyone

Ms Hickson


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