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Guided reading

Once_text_chapter 1


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Key questions

MONDAY Pre teach: navigation, riot, criticised, glaring, convent, dormitory, tassel. Discussion: What is ‘slurping’? What does ‘scarce’ mean? Where does the main character live? How long has he been there? Why does Felix put the carrot in his pocket? Written responses: Why does the main character have to use his ears to navigate to his table? (2 marks) Why was it so surprising to see the carrot? (1 mark)

TUESDAY  Discussion – how to retrieve information from a text: How many children live in the orphanage? What is the main character’s name? Written responses: Do you think Felix’s parents will come and pick him up soon? Explain your answer (3 marks).

WEDNESDAY Re-read the text independently. What phrase on page 2 shows that the character cannot believe his luck? (1 mark) Why does Felix feel bad for all the other children? (2 marks).

THURSDAY Summarise your first impressions of Felix in three words and explain why you have used these words. (3 marks)

FRIDAY Discussion: What doesn’t Felix like about bath time?

Written responses: Explain how Morris Gleitzman makes it seem like a child is writing the book (3 marks).



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