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Hello Year 3!

Hope you enjoyed creating your own portraits and using your new learning equipment you had delivered! It was lovely to see some of you.


This week we will be recapping how to measure mass.

L.O – I can measure and compare mass (kg/g)

Use the following help sheet you remind you on how to measure mass. Remember 1000g = 1kg and check the integers (the jumps the scales are going up in)


Maths help sheet


Printable version below – click the link

Maths help sheet

Then have a look at worksheets 1-4 in your Maths no problem workbook 3A which are on pages 167-172.

Now why don’t you try the challenges of the week! There are 4 challenges that use lots of the different maths skills we have learnt!

Maths Challenges

TTRockstars – Well done to those that have been on this week, some great improvements! Have you still been practising your 3 and 8 times tables?


Click on the link below – English Year 3 – to find all the English activities for this week. All the English resources you will need to complete the work are also below – just click the links




English resources are below

Spelling – Homophones


Spelling frame rules 21 to 24 Homophones and near homophones




Treasure Island


Printable version below – click the link



We are going to have a look at the importance of teamwork.

Take a look at these clips that show examples of teamwork in action.

Then complete the following sheet ‘I am an amazing person’ that looks at what would make you a great team player



I am an amazing person


Click on the link below to print off your own copy



Why not have a go at growing your own socks! All you will need is a pair of old socks, some compost and a tray! Here are the instructions.


Grow Your Socks


A printable version is below – click the link



Can you build your own circuit training at home using things you can find around the house? Maybe use tin cans for weights or bunny hop over pillows. Make sure you ask the adults in your house for help!

Missing you all and looking forward to receiving your letters from last week’s home learning, we have already had a few!

Miss Brown and Mr Smith