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Hello, everyone!

We hope you are keeping well. We would like you to continue with your work on bees this week (see below) but we have included some different maths and reading for pleasure.


Click below for the English activities for this week

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation activities for Year 6 below


English resources 

Click on the link below to access the text you need for your reading activity


Bumble Bees Text With Questions


Other bumblebee information resources




Printable version





Printable version


How Bees See


Printable version


Punctuation – Apostrophes


Click on the link below to find your Maths activities for this week.

15.6.20 Maths year 6


Maths resources 

Lesson 1

lesson 1


For a printable version click below


Lesson 2

lesson 2


Printable version below


Lesson 3

lesson 3


Printable version


Lesson 4


lesson 4


Printable version


Lessons 1-4 answers


Click below to find some Science activities for this week

Year 6 Science plan 150620

Science resources

Objects_And_Their_Shadows - activity


Printable version below

Light Facts

More Science linked to bees this time…. and DT

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

What can you do to help bees in the environment? You could make a bee hotel (or Bee and Bee!).

Easy bee hotel

Or follow these instructions below to make a deluxe bee hotel. You’ll probably need the help of a handy adult for this ambitious project!


Deluxe Bee Hotel


Printable version below


Where would you position your bee hotel? Which plants would be needed by the hotel? What else would be required for these busy visitors?

Send your pictures in to [email protected]

Or you could create a bumblebee garden. Visit the Bumblebee Conservation Trust for loads of great ideas.

Healthy Body

Can you create your own circuit training routine using items in your house or garden?


Have fun with your learning! Hope to see you soon.


Ms Thomas and Mrs Cokell

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