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Hello everyone!

The sun is back and it has been very warm! We are so lucky to live in Morecambe right by the sea. Did you manage to talk a stroll down the beach (socially distanced of course)?

Remember this song from last week? Can you join in with singing? How does this song make you feel? It makes me feels happy!


This song also makes me think of icecream. Yum! What is your favourite icecream? Do you prefer icecream or ice lollies? Can you draw your favourite icecream in your red book?

Let’s make an icecream. You will need card or paper, glue, pens, bits and bobs to stick on to decorate (sequins, pom poms, buttons, stickers, strips of paper). Draw a triangle on a piece of card or paper. This will be the cone, now cut it out. Next choose what colour your icecream will be. Draw an icecream shape and cut it out (you may need some help with this). Now is the fun part, decorate you icecream! What flavour have you made?

Entertain kids (and kids at heart) with a great afternoon activity, making paper ice cream cones! Includes printable templates of ice cream shapes, cones and soft serve. Toddler Arts And Crafts, Crafts For Boys, Fun Crafts, Ice Cream Cone Craft, Ice Cream Crafts, Cupcake Illustration, Kindergarten Crafts, Preschool, Summer Activities For Kids You could also make ice lollies. Summer preschool - Popsicle Summer Art Craft Perfect for end of the year classroom activities Give students stickers, pieces of precut paper, and glitter and glue Stand back and see what they can create Have th Kids Crafts, Summer Crafts For Toddlers, Daycare Crafts, Toddler Crafts, Craft Stick Crafts, Art For Kids, Kindergarten Crafts Summer, Craft Ideas, Summer Themes For Preschool

Now you have made some icecreams and ice lollies you can make an icecream shop. Set up a little icecream shop with bits you have around your house (set up on a table, or do you have a shop stand you could turn into a icecream shop). You could make a sign for you icecream shop. Do you have a till with play money? Do not worry if you don’t, it is all about your imagination!

Write some numbers to tell your customers how much your icecreams cost. How many icecreams have you got? Add some paper and pencils to take orders. Take turns being the shop keeper and the customers. Children learn through play and lots of modelling, so let your inner child out! “Please can I have a strawberry icecream with sprinkles”.

I would love to see your icecream shops and pretending to be shop keepers. Send over any pictures to [email protected]

Phonics- play this I spy game. What else can you see? I spy with my little eye something beginning with…

We miss you!

Miss Purcell, Mr D and the nursery team

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