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Hello everyone!

If you click the link below you can access lots of activities to complete at home as part of our whole school national Hold Still Art project. You may have seen the National Portrait Gallery and The Duchess of Cambridge getting involved with this particular national  project. We thought we would sprinkle our own Sandylands magic on this one and get you to create a Sandylands Virtual Gallery on the website by sending in your portraits to [email protected] .


 Click the links below for your child’s phonics group activity. There is one activity for each group- your child should read the sentences using their phonics  and match them  to the pictures.(comprehension to show they have understood.)  Prompt your child to look for the sounds in the word to enable them to be more independent.

If they have forgotten their group, before we broke up the phonics groups were:

Group 1- Mrs Oddie


GROUP 1 phonics group split-digraphs-pictures-and-captions-matching-worksheet-_ver_1

Group 2- Mrs Orr


GROUP 2 Phonics Group Pictures And Captions Matching Activity

Group 3- Mrs Murphy


GROUP 3 Phonics Groups Pictures And Captions Matching Worksheets Ver 3


Click on the Song of Sounds prompt sheet  link too. This is useful to have in front of your child  when they are reading – they can sing the song to you as part of their home learning.  Why don’t you ask them to teach it to you? Its good fun to find the picture that matches the sounds.


Song of Sounds phonic prompt sheet




This week are are focusing on Place Value and we will be using your Maths No Problem workbook 2.

We will include some interactive activities and some practical activities- the practical activities are really important so don’t skip this bit as it helps your child to VISUALISE  new concepts.

Lesson 1 – Counting in tens and ones

Lesson 2

Lesson 3.counting in tens and onesdocx


We have added a picture of the Mona Lisa as well as some information about the artist for you to look at with your parents – click on the link below to access them.

Take care

Mrs Orr and Miss Oddie

Hold Still project June 2020 Year 1


Click on the Mona Lisa link below to download the factfile



Mona Lisa



Mona Lisa painting Year 1 attachment
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