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Hello Year 2,

We hope that you are staying safe and have enjoyed learning about Fairytales – The Three Little Pigs. This week we have some more home learning activities for you to choose from based on the National Portrait Gallery’s Hold Still project.

This is an Art project in conjunction with The Duchess of Cambridge to create a portrait of the nation in 2020. We would like to create a gallery of the children at Sandylands.

To find out more information about this you can go to:


Below is some home learning for Maths and English as well as the  project grid for the Hold Still exhibition. Some resources to help you complete the activities are also attached.


  • This week we are learning about 2D shapes. Here are some bits of shape information to support you.
  • Vertex – This is where 2 sides meet. It can be called a corner and the plural is vertices.
  • Sides – They can be straight or curved.
  • Polygon – This is a shape with only straight sides.
  • In your workbook B of Maths No Problem, complete Worksheet 1 and 2 – page 43 to 46
  • How many shapes can you find in your house? Have any items got more than one shape in them?
  • What about a challenge:
    • Put these shapes in order according to how many sides they have:
      triangle, pentagon, rectangle, hexagon


    • Beth says:
      My shape has one curved side and one straight side. What could it be? 
  • Make sure to practise your times tables on TTRockstars
  • Well done to these children who have the best accuracy over the last 7 days:      Peyton



  • We have learnt about verbs and how these can show what we are doing or have done.
  • You have been practising regular verbs in the past tense using the –ed suffix e.g. cook – cooked, clean – cleaned
  • Remember some verbs don’t use –ed suffix like sleep in past tense is slept.
  • Can you change this list of verbs into the past tense:

swim, sleep, drive, bend, begin, build, know, take, think, see



Hold Still project June 2020 Year 2



Andy Warhol Fact Sheet


Click the link below to watch a powerpoint all about Andy Warhol


Andy Warhol (1)


Take care everyone and remember we would love to see what you are up to if you can email:  [email protected]

Miss Wildon and Miss Kelly

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