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Hello everyone!

If you click the link below you can access lots of activities to complete at home as part of our whole school national Hold Still Art project. You may have seen the National Portrait Gallery and The Duchess of Cambridge getting involved with this particular national  project. We thought we would sprinkle our own Sandylands magic on this one and get you to create a Sandylands Virtual Gallery on the website by sending in your portraits to [email protected] .


y6 Hold Still project June 2020



Modigliani Portraits



In addition to the Hold Still project, we have included some reading comprehension  based on an extract from the book Wonder.


Wonder_opening extract



Use skimming and scanning to locate information and justify their opinions with reference to the text.

1. Why does Palacio (the author) often mention details about the characters’ shoes? Is it important? Why/why not? (e.g. p. 15) (August is always looking down to hide his face/so people can’t see him. Because of this, he notices people shoes in great detail)

2. How do you know August’s mood changes when he hears children’s voices? Use evidence to support your answer. (e.g. p. 20) (“all of a sudden… my heart literally started beating like I’d just run the longest race… The laughter I had inside just poured out of me”)

3. Why did August grow his ‘bangs’ (fringe) long? Give two reasons. (p. 21) (1. To hide his face 2. To block out things he didn’t want to see)

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