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Hello Year 4,

We hope you have had a lovely half-term break and are feeling refreshed. We have a few exciting art projects to keep you busy this week.

Sandylands’ Project

Take a look at our new project called ‘Hold Still’ which is on our class page. We have chosen for you to focus on Vincent Van Gogh and his wonderful artwork. We want to create a virtual gallery of all your self-portraits to display on the website. We can’t wait to see what you produce! Please send your finished pieces to [email protected] .

The Duchess of Cambridge’s Project

The Duchess of Cambridge is working with the National Portrait Gallery to create an amazing community project also called ‘Hold Still’. It aims to capture images of the people of the UK during the corona virus outbreak. It wants to create a picture of our nation which will reflect how well we have all coped over the past few months. ‘Hold Still’ wants to show how resilient, brave, creative and kind people are, especially during tough times.

The Duchess and the National Portrait Gallery invite you to submit your own photographic portrait, taken during these extraordinary times, which responds to one of the following themes:

o Helpers and Heroes

o Your New Normal

o Acts of Kindness

One hundred shortlisted portraits will feature in a virtual exhibition on the Gallery’s website and a selection of images will also be shown across the UK later in the year.

The project is completely free and open to all ages and abilities. Images must involve people, and can be captured on phones or cameras. Each image will be assessed on the emotion and experience it conveys rather than its photographic quality or technical expertise. The closing date for submissions is the 18 June 2020.

To submit your entry click on the following link and upload your picture.

Click this link to open Y4 Hold Still project June 2020




Examples of Vincent Van Gogh



This week Year 4 will learn how to measure height and length in metres and centimetres using decimals.


10 millimetres (mm) = 1 centimetre (cm)

100 cm = 1 metre (m)

1000 m = 1 kilometre (km)

Before you start the worksheets have a look at the help sheet below. You can also click on the following link and practice ordering lengths.

Have a go at worksheets 7-10 on pages 77 – 84 in your Maths No Problem 4B. Remember to Look carefully at the scales, what does each mark mean? Ask an adult to help if you are unsure what the question is asking you to do.


Height and Length help sheet



Remember to keep logging onto TT Rockstars each day to help improve your times-tables. You are all doing really well. Keep it up!



This week Year 4 will be revisiting words that have the prefixes re, sub and mis. Remember that a prefix goes at the start of a word to change the meaning.

re means again. For example, redo means to do something again.

sub means under or below. For example, a submarine travels under water.

mis means wrong. For example, misspell means to spell something wrong.

Visit the following link and work on spelling rule 6.

You can also use a pen and paper to learn the words. Remember the methods we have been using in class.

· Create a word pyramid

· Look, cover, write and check

· Create a story or poem using the letters of the word

· Create your own sentences using the spelling words

Spelling Words

mislead reappear submerge misbehave return redecorate misspell submarine redo refresh


Take a look at Van Gogh’s fact-file.


Vincent Van Gogh - fact file


Read it carefully and identify any words you don’t know the meaning of. See if you can work out the meaning of the word by looking for clues in the sentence. You can then check by using a dictionary or asking an adult. Have a go at answering the following questions. We have looked at similar questions in class.

1) What materials did Van Gogh use to create his artwork?

2) What word could you use to describe Theo?

3) He moved to Ireland. True False

4) He cut his ear off. True False

5) Which famous painting did he paint while in hospital?

6) Did Van Gogh make lots of money from his paintings while he was alive?

7) Was Van Gogh passionate about painting? Find evidence to support your answer.

8) What does the word influential mean? happy terrifying excited persuasive


Can you use some things you may have at home to make your own agility course? Use things to climb over, under, weave in-between, jump through and even jump over! See who in your family can do it the quickest, or can you beat your own time?

Don’t forget to visit P.E with Joe on YouTube each morning at 9 am to receive a free daily P.E lesson.

Take care and have a good week.

Miss Holloway and Mr Morland