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Hello everyone

We hope you’ve had a great week. This is the second week of our Eden project and we thought we would focus on Geography and Science this week. Your learning is focused around different biomes around the world. You will find out what a biome actually is and you will be looking at a biome which is very close to us… a marine biome! All the planning and resources are below as well as your English and Maths for the week.

We would love to see any pictures of the work you have done this week. Remember you can email  [email protected] with your pictures and work

Stay safe and see you soon.

Miss Kelly and Miss Wildon


Click the link below to access your English sessions for this week including your phonics, reading and writing


_English planning Year 2 Dear Greenpeace

English Reading resources 


_Dear Greenpeace book


Printable version below – click on the link




_Dear Greenpeace book review




Printable version below


_Year 2 reading lesson 3


English writing resources

Click on the links below to help you complete the writing tasks

_Year 2 letter structure and features success criteria

Dear greenpeace contractions year 2



This week’s Maths activities are below – click the link to have a go!

Maths Plan 29.6.20 Year 2

Lesson 1 resources


Lesson 1


Printable version below


Lesson 2 resources 



lesson 2A



Printable version below with answers



Lesson 2B



Printable version below


Lesson 3 resources 



Lesson 3



Printable version below

Eden Project Week 2 – Biomes 



Eden North project June 2020 biomes Year 1 and 2 (2)



A printable / larger version is below – click the link to access the learning

Eden North project June 2020 biomes Year 1 and 2 (2)

Eden Project Resources

Backpack outline

Marine habitats – Parts of the ocean explanations



World map



Printable version below – click the link



World biomes map



Printable version below – click the link



Under The Sea Food Chain Sorting Activity



Printable version below – click the link



Pictures and fact files about the different animals and plants found in a marine biome. Click below to open them up. 

Pictures of marine animals

Ocean factfile animals and plants 2

Ocean factfile animals 1



Marine habitats diagram



Printable version below



Marine habitats and conditions cards




Printable version below – click on the link



Design Technology

Last week, we asked you to look at healthy eating and keep a record of how much fruit and vegetables you eat a day. When you were doing this activity did you notice the different types of packaging your food come in? This week we have found an activity on BBC Bitesize linked to packaging designs.

To access the activities/videos click on the this link or alternatively have a look at the PDF attached.