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Hello, everyone!

We hope you are keeping well. Here are your activities for this week.


Go to the White Rose site (Summer Term Week 3 w/c 4th May) to recap fractions:

These are your objectives for the week:

· Simplify fractions;

· Compare and order fractions;

· Add and subtract fractions;

· Mixed addition and subtraction of fractions.

We have done this before so it will be revision for you and good preparation for Y7.

Keep using TT Rockstars – your tables have been updated. It looks like there has been a drop in activity – only 26% of 6C and 28% of 6T have been active. Come on, you lot, keep practising those tables!


Listen to chapters 4 to 6 of Holes by Louis Sachar

Answer these questions about the text:

What do barren and desolate mean? What is a buzzard?

What is strange about the name Mr Sir? Why do you think the boys call Mr Pendanski ‘mom’?

Summarise your impressions of Mr Sir in Chapter 4, using only five words.


Write a persuasive letter to the warden, outlining why you think the boys should be treated better at Camp Green Lake. How are their human rights being violated? Use the text to support your argument.

Spelling Challenge

Revise adding suffixes to words ending in -fer

Top tips:

· The r is doubled if the -fer is still stressed when the ending is added.

· The r is not doubled if the -fer is no longer stressed.

Here are some words to learn:

referring, referred, referral, reference, referee, preferring, preferred, preference, transferring, transferred.

Use this site to help you revise. There are games to practise this spelling rule as well as practice tests.


Anne Frank experienced her own form of lockdown during World War Two. Find out more about her by exploring this website:

Explore the Secret Annex and write a diary entry as if you lived there. What challenges would you face living there?


Have you spotted any frogspawn on your daily walk?

We would like you to research the lifecycle of a frog and create an information text to describe this lifecycle. Why is a frog an amphibian?

Keeping Fit

Remember to take some fresh air and exercise every day. Your sporting challenge this week is to design an obstacle course in your garden, if you are lucky enough to have one. Time your family members to complete the course.


Make up your own circuit training to do indoors (just like Joe Wicks!).

Remember to send in your photos of finished work to [email protected]

We are missing you all so much.  Look out for more Home Learning activities next week. Stay safe everyone!

Mrs Cokell and Ms Thomas