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Hello Year 3!

We hope you enjoyed our VE video last week. I had to do lots of practising with Mrs Oddie and Miss Kelly for the dance and Mr Smith had to make sure he didn’t hit anyone with his flying rake!


This week we will be start practising our adding and subtracting. Then we want you to use your problem-solving skills to solve the challenges and play a game. You will have to have your thinking caps on!

Adding and subtracting –   We would love to see some pictures of the abacus you make! There some extra questions in your maths no problem workbook A – pages 29 – 35. This covers the year 3 objective – adding and subtracting hundreds, tens and ones with 3 digit numbers.

Remember to use the squared paper you were given in your learning pack and line up your columns carefully. Which column are you adding and subtracting from?
Challenges – and  These will require you to use all your skills you have learnt so far!

Try and challenge the other people in your house to Tug of War – If you don’t have a dice you can use a dice roller from the internet or make your own digit cards.

TTRockstars – We haven’t had many on this week, come on guys!


This week we will be have a look at Hodgeheg by the author Dick-King Smith. We have attached a pdf version for you to read.

The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith


Read chapter one and make your own 4ws grid – who, where when and what, just like we do in guided reading. Then have a go at answering the questions attached

Hodgeheg questions

We had a lot more children on Bug club this week with 7 from 3B all reading and answering the questions, well done! Make sure you are answering the questions properly and try to read books from the book band you are on.


Spellings – Have a go at the following activities linked to all the prefixes we have learnt so far. Remember it doesn’t have to be done on the sheet, you can do it in the exercise books you were given in your learning packs.

Prefixes Activity Sheet


Watch the following click –

Can you write a setting description of the village as if you were walking through it for the first time and seeing all of the wonderful things? Remember to use interesting adjectives* and when you use a verb* why not add an adverb* to describe how the action is done. Describe everything you can see from the tiny houses to the swirling clouds in the bright, blue sky.

Could you make a storyboard that shows how the dancing girl escapes the tower? You will have to find a way to make the clock keep turning without her. Have a think about the story Rapunzel for ideas.


We are going to have a recap of light and dark this week. See if you can make a spider diagram including all the things you can remember from our topic of light and dark. Here are some words to give you a clue: light sources, shadows, opaque, translucent, transparent, reflection, mirrors and sun safety.

Have a look at the videos on the following link to give you some ideas if you get stuck. There are also some fun activities to complete to expand your knowledge on light!

Extra fun activity – why not use some of your recycling/ old loo rolls to build an amazing model. Take a look at the following sheet for some ideas to get you started.

Loo roll engineer


Did you see Joe Wicks last week dressed as Harry Potter? Why not find the video on youtube and have a go. He had some great wand skills!

Here is a letter from us!

Letter home 2

Miss Brown and Mr Smith

*Adjectives – a describing word i.e wonderful, vast, generous

Verb – an action word i.e walking, ran, stomped

Adverb – describes a verb i.e quickly, elegantly, magically