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Dear Year One,

We hope you have been keeping safe and busy this week. It was great to see some of the activities you did linked to VE Day. We hope you liked the film we made, Mrs Oddie really enjoyed dancing with Miss Brown and Miss Kelly.

We have got some more activities for home learning this week.


We are looking forward to reading any letters we have received from last week’s home learning, and we hope you used the phonics sheets to help with your spellings.


LO: To spell the days of the week.

This week we would like you to practice spelling the days of the week.

A good idea to help learn them is to have them stuck up in your bedroom so that you can look at them during the day. Try the method of LOOK, COVER, WRITE, CHECK to help with spelling each word. The more you practice the more confident you will become at spelling them. At the end of the week, ask and adult or older brother/sister to test you. How many can you spell correctly?


We hope you enjoyed listening to the story ‘A squash and a squeeze’ and that you were able to answer the questions correctly.

This week we would like you to identify and describe the main characters in the story ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon. 1OD may remember this book from our guided reading sessions. We have attached the PDF version of the book below.

Whilst you are reading the book try and answer some of these questions.

1. Where do you think Beegu has come from? How do you know? (p1-2)

2. Can you think of any adjectives to describe Beegu’s spaceship? (p1-2)

3. Where do you think Beegu will go next? (p2-3)

4. What might Beegu be thinking and feeling? (p6-7)

5. Can you think of any adjectives to describe the adult in the playground? (p16-17)

6. Imagine you are Beegu. Tell your parents what has happened to you. Trying using words like ‘First’, ‘Next’ and ‘Then’.(p28,29,30).

Beegu Book WC 28.05.20


Since starting Year 1 way back in September, we have been working on our writing skills. We have been using this strategy to help us write good sentences:




This week we would like you to try some tasks linked to the story ‘Beegu’.

Year 1 Writing Tasks WC 18.05.20


How did you get on with your capacity activities? Remember to keep practicing using the words full, empty, more than. less than, whenever you can.

This week’s learning will be doubling, halving and making equal groups.

Maths Activities

In addition to Maths No Problem lessons, you can also try the lessons and activities on White Rose Maths Home Learning. SUMMER TERM WEEK 1 GAME-


One thing Mrs Oddie enjoys is listening to music and singing along. This week we would like you to enjoy your favourite songs and maybe listen to something new.

Last term we listened to a music from a range of genres.

For example:

Latin, Baroque, Jazz, Soul, Rock, Pop and Blues.

Talk to your parents about other genres of music.

Pieces of music that we listened to were.

How Blue Can You Get by B.B. King ● Let The Bright Seraphim by Handel ● Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin ● Jai Ho by J.R. Rahman ● Lord Of The Dance by Ronan Hardiman ● Diggin’ On James Brown by Tower Of Power

Listen to the radio or find some of these pieces of music on YouTube. Tell someone what you like/dislike about the music, what instruments can you hear? Is it a fast or slow piece of music?

Stay safe and see you soon.

Mrs Oddie and Mrs Orr