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Hello, everyone!

We hope you are well and working through your Home Learning packs. Here are a few extra ideas for you to try this week.


Go to the White Rose site (Summer Term Week 1 w/c 20th April) to recap angles in a triangle:

We were doing this before school closed so this will be a good spot of revision for you!

Keep using TT Rockstars – your tables have been updated. It looks like there has been a drop in activity – only 19% of 6C and 38% of 6T have been active. Come on, you lot, keep practising those tables!


Oxford Owl have made their eBooks available free of charge. Follow this link to read a book online or listen to an audio book. Air Raid links to our previous topic on World War Two and is a good read. I would also recommend the audio book of the classic novel White Fang. Keep reading, everyone!


How has the lockdown changed you? What is the first thing you would like to do when we are allowed out and about again? Write a paragraph or two to let us know.

Remember to send in your finished pieces to the address above. We can’t wait to see what you can do.

Spelling Challenge

Revise words ending in -ible/-able and -ibly/-ably. Use this site to help you revise.

Test your family. How many -ible words can you write down in two minutes? Now try with -able words.


Seeing all the dandelions growing in my little garden, made me think about this wonderful plant, which is often hated by gardeners but loved by bees and other insects. I would like you to research the life cycle of the humble dandelion and produce a PowerPoint or a written project about it. If you spot some out on your walk, take a photograph to include in your project. You could even do your own drawing or painting of this overlooked little plant. I would love to see how you get on. (Ms Thomas)

Keeping Fit

Remember to take some fresh air every day. It’s much easier when the sun is shining.

If you would like to try a different type of fitness, why not have a go at yoga?

This YouTube video is aimed at children and has guidance on breathing to keep you calm and different movements to increase your flexibility and fitness.

Missing you all so much! We will get through this. Look out for more Home Learning activities next week. Stay safe everyone!

Ms Thomas and Mrs Cokell

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