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Hi Guys! Here are a couple of activities for you to do this week.


This week we will be having a look at money. To do this go to and choose home learning for year 3. You will find the money topic under summer week 3.

You will find videos and questions on the following objectives:

· Converting pounds to pence

· Adding money

· Subtracting money You will find extra questions on these in your maths no problem workbook B and other support on

Why not have a go at helping the adults in the house to add up items on the weekly shopping list and how much change they would get.

TTRockstars – try to practice your tables on TTRockstars daily. We are checking your scores each day!


Well done to those that have visited Bug Club this week, we will be having a look and marking your answers as you complete the quizzes. Using your 4ws grids from last week (who, where, when and what) can you generate any simple retrieval questions for any of the adults/ children in your house. Remember for retrieval questions you have to skim and scan and the answer is in the text. Retrieval questions = retriever dog.

Writing This week we want you to continue working on your writing about trolls. Click the link to find the booklet.

You should have discovered some new vocabulary while working through the tasks and gathered some great ideas. Now is time to spend a couple of days putting your own piece of writing together. Remember everything you have learnt last week, we can’t wait to read them! Visit and practice the year 3 and 4 spelling rule 8 – suffix -ly. You will recognise some of these from when we have looked at adverbs.

Topic Activities

The topic we are going to look at this week is volcanoes. We have had a look at these earlier in the year so lets see how much you remember!



You will find lots of interesting facts and amazing videos of erupting volcanoes. Can you remember what the layers of the earth are called? (Remember are trip on the tunnel train through the Earth!) Can you label the different parts of a volcano and how they are formed? Complete the activity sheets and have a go at making your own model of Earth or a volcano!

P.E Visit for videos of dances from other cultures. Can you follow along or even make up your own in the style of one of the dances?

Also make sure you visit the Dear children page under news and events for more ideas from your lovely teachers. Mrs Woof made an appearance last week!

We can’t wait to see your lovely faces on the pictures you send for the learning at home page. Send to [email protected]

Miss Brown and Mr Smith

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