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Hello Year 1,

Here are this week’s learning activities.

Maths This week we will be looking at Mass. Look on and click on week 1.

You will find 5 maths lesson videos that you can watch and click on the activities for the tasks.

Maths no Problem workbooks

p 135 – 136 – Comparing Mass

p 137 – 138 – Finding Mass

p139 – Mind workout

p140 – 142 – Review

Game of the week – Happy Camel –


Continue to enjoy reading. You can access Bug Club and continue to collect your coins and play the games.

Reading task

A squash and a squeeze by Julia Donaldson. You can watch the story being read on YouTube if you follow the link below or if you have the book on your bookshelf then that would be great too.

Before reading the text have a go at answering some of these questions.

What is the name of the author? The illustrator?

Which characters can you see on the front cover?

What do you think the story will be about?

Now try and answer some of these questions.

What can you see in the little old lady’s house? (Pages 1-2)

Find and copy a word that means the same as ‘strange’ (pages 3-4)

What do you predict the wise old man will suggest next? (pages 5-6)

What does the goat do after treading on the egg? (pages 7-8)

Which words on pages 9 and 10 rhyme? Can you think of any other rhyming words?

What is a larder? (pages 11-12)

Why do you think the wise old man keeps getting the little old lady to bring her animals into her house?

Which animal would you rather have in your house? A cow, pig, goat or hen? Why?

How is the little old lady feeling now? How was she feeling at the beginning of the story?

Who was your favourite character in the story? Why?

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