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Hello children,

I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine?

This week in nursery we would have been looking at the traditional tale about “The three billy goats gruff”. Have you ever read the story? Here is an animated version you can watch.

Can you remember the characters in the story? Have you ever seen any goats? What noise do they make?

What did they have to cross to get to the other side of the river? Can you build a bridge? What did you use? Is there a troll living under you bridge?

Why not have a go at making your own troll? Here is one that I have made, how will yours look?

You could make the 3 billy goats too. Have a go at retelling the story- “who’s that trip trapping over MY bridge?”

How many billy goats were in the story? There was little billy goat, middle sized billy goat and great big billy goat. Can you find some objects from your home and sort them into sizes- big, medium & small.


Play across the river. Lay a piece of blue material on the floor to form the ‘river’ ie coat or a towel. Have a selection of familiar objects on one side of the river (sheep, cup, peg, dog, hat, car etc). The child stands on the same side of the ‘river’ as the objects and the adult sounds out the object they are thinking of (p-e-g). The child blends the word together (peg) then finds the object and crosses the river. Repeat activity with all the objects.

Have fun everyone!

We miss you all

Miss Purcell, Mr D and the nursery team

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