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Hello Everybody,

I hope you are all having fun and staying safe!

Here are some more activities for this week.

Lets do some more travelling and go on a ferry with Barnaby Bear!

What can you see on the ferry?

What can you hear on the ferry?

Write a list in your work books.

Can you find France on  a map?,0,-24018.82718741a,36750128.22569847d,35y,0h,0t,0r/data=KAE

Can you see the blue on the earth? what is it?

Can your grown up help you find the UK and France?

Lets try some French songs…..


Lets watch with the Go Jetters, where have they gone today?


practise writing your numbers on here, we have used it at school.

Can you write some number sentences on it?

Have a go at this game?


Have you been on bug club?

You have had an email with your log in and password. Have a go at reading the books I have chosen for you.


Have a go at this game, can you read the sounds and match to the pictures?

can you practise your sounds on this ship?

Have fun everybody!!

Miss McLaren