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Hello Year 2, we hope that you are staying safe and enjoying your home learning packs. Here are a few more ideas to keep you busy. We have based it around Spring and Easter time. We hope you enjoy them.


  • Make some Easter nests. Can you measure out the ingredients? Or if you’re feeling like a challenge can you bake and decorate some Easter cupcakes?


  • Can you complete your Easter poem from your home learning pack?
  • Can you write your own story about when the Easter Bunny’s eggs go missing?
  • Draw a map for a treasure hunt and write a set of instructions for how to find the treasure. Can someone in your family follow your instructions?


  • Plant some flowers and observe how they grow
  • Draw your own tulip or daffodil picture
  • What is a bulb? Research what plants grow from bulbs
  • What flowers can you see outside your home? Draw and label them
  • What minibeasts can you find around your home? Where did you find them and why do they live there?


  • Create your own Easter basket
  • Boil an egg with an adult and decorate it using paint


  • Can you research why Easter is a special time for Christians? Here is a video to help:

  • Can you retell the story of Easter?
  • What are the special days in Easter?


  • Hard boil an egg and try and egg and spoon race against your family

We miss you all and are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Miss Wildon and Miss Kelly