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Hi Guys! Hope you had a lovely Easter and didn’t eat too much chocolate! Here are this week’s ideas for learning activities.


This week we will be having a look at place value and a little bit of time as well.

Visit the BBC Bitesize to look at the following objectives. They have video and activities for each one.

If you want some extra practice go to chapter 1 (place value) of your Maths no problem workbook A.

Have a go at telling the time using this game.    There are lots of different levels to have a go at.

TTRockstars – try to practice your tables on TTRockstars daily. We are checking your scores each day!


Visit bug club daily and earn coins to be able to play games! We don’t seem to have had many on last week. Lets see how many of you can read at least one book this week. Why not have a go at filling in a 4 w grid about the book you are reading at the moment – who, where, when and what. This can be just a chapter or the whole book. We have done this exercise in guided reading so you should be familiar with it.


Take a look at this great learning booklet that follows the same pattern we do then looking at something new in English.

You will be familiar with looking at texts to learn new vocabulary (words) and gather ideas to then write your own piece of writing. Lets see if you can follow the tasks in this booklet and produce a great piece of writing about trolls. This may take you longer than a week to do but don’t worry, we usually spend longer than a week on something in English to make sure our end piece of writing is amazing! We can’t wait to read yours!

Visit and practice the year 3 and 4 spelling rule 7 – suffix -ation.

Have a go at this grammar game. Can you get over 100 and beat Miss Brown? Make sure to spend us your scores.

Topic Activities

Which areas of the St George’s project did you have a look at last week? Which of the areas are you going to choose to look at this week? Please send your finished pieces to [email protected] . We can’t wait to see them!

Visit    or use the image below for a fun game of roll a face. If you don’t have a dice don’t worry, you can use a number generator from the internet.


Keep up with Joe Wicks! You will be fit as fleas when you come back.

If anyone from 3B can tell Miss Brown what the underlined phrase is called, you can have a prize from the prize box!

Also make sure you visit the Dear children page under news and events for more ideas from your lovely teachers.

We miss you all and can’t wait to see you!

Miss Brown and Mr Smith

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