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Hi children

I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine!!

At school this week we would be learning about different places around the world.

This week we could look at places in the UK and we are going to travel on  a train.

Have a look at Barnaby….

What could you see and hear on the train? Write a list in your books.

Where did he go to? Can you find it on a map? How else might you travel there?

Maths – Subtraction

Roll a dice game

Use this video as your dice. Keep pausing it and write down the number it lands on. Can you write some subtraction sentences when you have 2 numbers?


How are you getting on with your tricky words?

Can you find them in story books?

Where are you up to with your Phonemes and diaraphs? Click on the ‘sound mats’ to see them all.        Sound Mats 

Can you read them all?

Keep watching and writing them down…..

Have a go at these games on phonics bloom….

Fun times!!!

Can you clap along to this song?

Do you have any trains at home?

Could you draw one?

Make a train using your junk modelling?

I hope you can send some pictures in to [email protected]

It would be great to see some of you!

Miss you all

Miss McLaren and Miss Jackson


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