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Hi children,

I hope you are all well and have been having lots of fun playing in the sunshine.

I know you all love water play so here is an activity that is perfect for these sunny days. It is also a great activity for the whole family! Fill a bowl with water (can be anything that will hold water for example a washing up bowl, old sweet tub, watering can, pan). Give your child/children a variety of clean paint brushes. Let them explore “painting” and making marks outside on walls, floors, leaves, flowers. What can they paint? Can they write their name on the floor? Paint your hand and make hand prints. Endless fun, it dries out and then you can redo it all over again! You could then add any water spray bottles or even CLEAN OLD calpol syringes. They make great water squirters!

Another idea is to have a variety of CLEAN containers that you may be putting out to recycle (yoghurt pots, shampoo bottles, sauce bottles), cups, spoons and some water enjoying filling and emptying. Which container holds the most water? Which container holds the least? Can you count how many cupfuls of water it will take to fill the container?


Listen to the sounds, how many animals did you guess?


Number fun

Can you join in the song counting to 10?


At nursery we love dancing to Sticky Kids, here is one of our favourite songs! Can you remember the movements to go with the song?


A little arty project you could have a go at this week is a family handprint keepsake. You will need some coloured card or paper, a white piece of card or paper, scissors and a pencil. Each member of the family chooses a different colour card/paper. Draw around one hand on your chosen colour of card/paper (make sure you all use the same hand). Using the scissors cut along the line to to cut out your hands. Can you write the names on the correct hand? Can you put them in order from biggest to smallest? How many people are in your family? Then stick them onto you white card/paper. You could even add a title and frame it in your house. Here is mine, look forward to seeing yours.

Miss you all

Miss Purcell, Mr D and the nursery team

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