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Hello Children,

I hope you all had a good Easter and got lots of yummy Easter eggs?

If we were at school we would be learning more about Dinosaurs, so we thought we could put some activities for you to do at home.

Story Time

Let’s start with a story, have you heard this story before?


Harry had dinosaurs in his bucket. What would you carry if you had a bucket?

Draw a picture in your school book and label it.


Have you been watching Geraldine find things around her home?

How many sounds do you know?

Here are some sound mats, how many sounds can you read?

You could choose a different sound each day and watch the clip.

How about writing the sounds on small pieces of paper and put them around your house.

How many sounds and you read in 2 minutes?

Here are Mr Thorne’s videos, which sound will you look at today?

Don’t forget your tricky words.

Watch this song every day to help you remember them.

sound mats

Here are some sound mats for you to use. (click the sound mats link)

Can you go on a scavenger hunt? Lets try and find…….

  • Something red
  • 3 things that have wheels
  • Something soft
  • Something round
  • 2 things that match
  • A crayon
  • A book
  • Something plastic.

Can you write a list of all your items in your writing book?



Do you remember the money song children?


Have a look at home for some coins, an adult will help you. Can you draw around them and write how much they are?

Could you even add some coins together?

Write it in your school book.

Have a go at this game, do you know all the coins?

Make sure you keep counting.

Can you listen to this and write the numbers?

Write them on small pieces of paper. Can you put them in the correct order?

Keep going with the counting to 20. Teach your grown ups the song!!



Lets have a look at Andy’s Wild Adventures. There are lots of programmes about dinosaurs.

Choose your favourite and have a look.

Shall we have a go at drawing a dinosaur? Have a look at this, get your pencil and paper ready…..


Could you make a dinosaur from your recycling?

Here are some ideas …..dinosaur junk modelling– click here to see some pictures

Miss you all

Miss McLaren and Miss Jackson