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Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and have been enjoying the sunny weather by doing lots of playing outside in your gardens. I know you all love being outside!

Firstly all the children who go to school in September will have received their places now. We all hope you have got the school that you want and looking forward to hearing where you are all going.

We have put together some activity ideas you can do whilst you are at home.

I spy game- Have a variety of objects in front of you (this can be anything you have around your house ie, cup, ball, spoon, doll). The adult starts the game “I spy with my little eye something beginning with…” and give the sound for the first letter of the object. Can the child find the object beginning with the sound you have said? Adult to repeat with other objects you have.

At nursery we sing lots of nursery rhymes everyday. Can you sing some with your parents? What is your favourite nursery rhyme? Here are some more nursery rhymes you can learn along with some you already know-

Playing is extremely important for our little ones, its how they learn best. Imaginary play with small characters or pretending to make cups of tea for mummy is a great way to start building language and imagination. Have a look at Play Hooray on Instagram or youtube for lots of great play activity ideas. She also does a live play-a-long at 10am each weekday so why not join in-

Being at home is also a great time to promote independence skills with your little ones, especially if they are going to school in September. Encourage your children to put own their own coat or shoes. Or to hang up their coat when they take it off.

We miss you all,

Miss Purcell, Mr D and the Nursery team




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