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Dear Children,
Have you ever wanted to know what it is like in Ancient Egypt or deep in the ocean? Well, you’ll be pleased to know, I know a way to get you there from the comfort of your own home!
Today, I have an app for you that will allow you to experience augmented and virtual reality field trips.
‘Google Expeditions’ is an app available on both Apple and Android app stores that is free to download. Although there are elements of the app that require a ‘viewer’ many features can still be used with a mobile device.
You could visit ‘A Closer Look at Sharks’ where a shark can appear in your room or ‘Explore the Solar System’ where you can learn about the different planets. Search and explore for the place you would to see and click the button ‘View’. It can take a few minutes to load. If the one you have chosen is ‘View in AR’ you will need to move the camera on your mobile device around the room and then click to load up the image e.g. the Sun in ‘Explore the Solar System’.
Hope you enjoy exploring the world,
Stay safe,
Miss Wildon

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