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We no longer have caterpillars in nursery! Can you remember what they turn in to? That’s right, we now have butterflies. Two of them started to hatch on Sunday evening, now all five butterflies have emerged from their chrysalides. You can see a close up of their chrysalid/cocoon on the second picture. When each butterfly emerged their wings stretched out and filled with red liquid to strengthen them ready to fly. When the wings have finished forming they get rid of the spare liquid, that’s the red dots you can see at the bottom. Don’t worry it is not blood, it has a special name called meconium.

Can you see their beautiful pattern on their wings? They are called painted lady butterflies. Have you seen any butterflies? Can you make/paint/draw a painted lady butterfly?

I have been feeding the butterflies ready to release them in the next couple of days. Can you see what I have been feeding the butterflies? Why do you think I need to left the butterflies go?

Can you find all 5 butterflies in the last picture?

We hope you have all had a lovely Easter!

Miss you all

Miss Purcell, Mr D and the nursery team 🙂


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