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Now that all the butterflies have hatched and have eaten some sugary food it was time to release them. Here are a few pictures I managed to get before they all flew off. I wonder where they flew too? Have you seen any butterflies?

What colours can you see on the butterflies wings? What shapes can you see on their wings? Can you spot the butterfly in the last picture?

Next time you are in your garden or looking out your window see how many butterflies you can see. Or you could go on a minibeast hunt. Remember they like hiding under rocks. Can you count how many you find? Can you draw and write what you find in your red book?

Here is The Very Hungry Caterpillar animated story you can share together-

It’s a shame you couldn’t see the caterpillars grow and turn into butterflies for yourself but I hope you have enjoyed seeing the updates.

Miss Purcell, Mr D and the nursery team 🙂

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