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This week Year 4 will continue to learn about tenths and hundredths. You will learn how to count, order and record the decimals in different ways. You will begin to see equivalence between tenths and hundredths and will be able to compare and order the numbers.

Have a go at worksheets 11- 15 in your Maths No Problem 4B. Ask an adult to help if you are unsure what the question is asking you to do.

Visit to explore some of the maths games.

Remember to log onto TT Rockstars each day to help improve your times-tables.


Read your book each day.

Remember to practise the Year 4 spelling words each day.

We have been reading The Firework Maker’s daughter in class. Retell the story to an adult.

Activity 1

Fantastic Fireworks!

Can you design your own firework?

Think of a name for your firework! How does it work? Write 5 super sentences to describe what it looks like.

Activity 2

Lucky White Elephant

In chapter 1 we learnt that it’s really lucky to write your name on a white elephant.

If you had the chance to write something on a lucky white elephant, what would you write and why?

Activity 3

Volcano Verse!

Use your senses and knowledge of the story to write a descriptive poem about the volcano.

I can see …

I can hear …

I can feel …

I can smell …

I can taste …

Activity 4

Cover Story

There have been several published editions of The Firework Maker’s Daughter.

Can you design your own cover for the book?

Think about the characters and events you found most interesting and engaging.

Activity 5

Select one of the writing prompts from your work pack to complete.


This week Year 4 will be learning about mummification and the afterlife. Research what the Ancient Egyptian believed happened after death. Create an information poster explaining the facts you have found and what the mummification process involves. Be creative! Use colours and pictures to make your poster exciting. Maybe even act it out.


This half term Year 4 are learning about sound, how it is created, how it is changed and how people hear.

Visit the following websites to learn about pitch and volume. – volume – pitch

Use recycling to create an instrument such as a drum or guitar.

How can you change the pitch and volume?

What did you have to do differently to make a louder noise? Hit it harder, blow it harder, pluck it more firmly?

Sound is a form of energy and if we put more energy into making the noise then the noise will be louder. The size of the object vibrating will also affect the volume (amplitude/volume) – a large drum will be louder than a small drum.

The size, length and tightness of the object that is vibrating will affect the pitch of the sound it produces.


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