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Hello Children

I hope you are all okay?

Here are some websites and activities that you could use at home. We have used these at school so you can show your grown ups what to do!


  • Practise the ‘Song of Sounds’ to help you remember the phonemes and digraphs.

Can you write them down? See if you can find something in your house with this sound?

  • Geraldine the Giraffe – See what Geraldine finds around her house for the different sounds. Can you make a list of the items she finds?

Phonics play

Enter these details for free access:

User name: march20

Password: home

Click on the sections for phases 2 or 3. The children have played these games in school and will know what to do.


  • Create a free account here to read many Oxford reading tree books. You will recognise them as home reading books.

  • Read to the dinosaur- click cvc/cvcc or a sound the children recognise.


  • Play a game on top marks- choose 1 of the headings counting, ordering, shapes or money.

  • What about our counting songs?- you could count in 2’s,5’s,10’s. Try this 1 as well, do you remember it?


  • Andys wild workouts – Have a go with Andy and find the places he visits!

  • Go Jetters- where do they visit? Can you find it on a map?

  • A bit of quiet time with cosmic yoga. There are lots to choose from. The children love this at school!

Have fun everyone!

Send your photographs to [email protected] , then we can all see what you have been doing at home.

I look forward to seeing them!

Look out for some more activities next week!

Miss you all lots

Miss McLaren