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Dear Parent/Carers

In light of the Prime Minister’s speech yesterday I would like to make it clear to parents that you should make your own decision on whether to send your child to school or not.  Whatever decision you make, you will have my full support.

I have duty of care to protect children and in a wider sense their families.  I also have a duty of care to protect the staff workforce.  This being said, if children attend school and present a continuous cough we will deem it necessary to send them home and request that you follow the Government guidelines for
self-isolation.  Please inform us immediately if your child or any of your immediate family are diagnosed with  Coronavirus 19.

As per the advice from the Government, the school has taken the following actions for infectious control:

  • Children are supervised whilst washing their hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap
  • We have cancelled swimming lessons, assemblies, Parents’ Evening and from next week after school clubs.
  • We have increased the cleaning regime in line with advice received.
  • Anyone entering school has to hand sanitise
  • We are asking for risk assessments from outside agencies
  • Use of paper cloths for cleaning which can be disposed of immediately
  • Any children displaying symptoms of the virus will be isolated but looked after until they are collected.

The Senior Leaderhsip Team are meeting each morning to consider the updated Department for  Education and Public Health England’s advice and to consider how we can reduce the risk to our children and school community.  We will provide you with regular updates through our Parentapp and the school website.

Please ensure that your register for Parentapp.  This is going to be the most effective way we can communicate with everybody.  An invite is being sent out today to everybody who has not already registered following the previous invitation.

As the advice changes it may occur that your child’s teacher may not be in work.  We will continue to provide work so they can learn, but they may be in a different class.

These are challenging times and we will endeavour to support our families as much as we can.  Please contact us if you are feeling vulnerable.  We have many contacts that our Family Team can signpost you to.

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your co-operation and understanding.

Yours sincerely

Ms A Hickson


17th March 2020

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