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Morecambe, LA3 1EJ

To all our Parents and Carers,

We are desperately trying to give you any updated information, but I must thank you for your patience over the last two weeks.

Here are the main points that need to be noted:

  • Key worker children – children of key workers or vulnerable groups through either emailing [email protected] or ringing the school office between 9.30-3pm (Monday to Friday). Can this please be booked in prior to the week starting as we have limited staff and rotas need to be drawn up.

Obviously the school was due to close next Friday for the school holidays. If you still need provision as a key worker then contact us immediately as this will be covered through a ‘Care club’ if required (there are likely to be children from several schools).

  • Eligible Free school meal children – We are still unsure how food for free school meal children will be provided next week, but we will update you as soon as we know.
  • Learning

The website is updated daily with our ‘Dear Children’ posts (Go to the News and Events tab). These posts can also be accessed through our Facebook page (Please note children should access our Facebook page via parents)

We will be launching an exciting project based on Morecambe for the children to access via the class pages on our website this will be ready from Monday (access the class pages via the Children tab on the website and click on the class pages).

Keep sending in your pictures of you hard at work to [email protected]

To access the pictures go to the New and events tab and click on the Learning from home section. If you send our pictures to us then you are agreeing to them being published on line.

Once again, thank you for your support, understanding and patience.

Take care,

Ms Hickson