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3M & 3O

We had a look at the work of Andy Warhol today, we noticed that he used lots of bright colours in his pictures. We discussed how this style of art was known as pop art. Here are some of our examples:

This afternoon we spent our time learning about levers and making things move. Using this we designed and made our very own robots with moving arms! All of Year 3 created fantastic inventions with moving parts. 

We had a lovely morning treat with some of our violinists preforming a short piece of music they had learned in their music lesson. Well done girls!

We have wrapped up our class novel, The Iron Man, this week with lots of fun activities. We read the last chapter and created our own freeze frames of some events from the story in pairs before becoming reporters and recording a live broadcast to the people of the world detailing the dramatic events of the story. We have really enjoyed this unit of work in Year 3!

As the World Cup is in full swing we have taken the opportunity to look into an aspect of Russia and compare it with our country. Year 3 have been looking at and researching the different types of wildlife native to each country.  In 3M we picked Russia’s national animal, the brown bear and compared it to our British red fox. 

We have made our own models of the Iron man using different materials. Some fantastic examples of recycled robots!


We’ve got to chapter 3 in our class novel and came across a few unknown words. We worked in pairs to use dictionaries and the dictionary app on the iPad to find out what these new words meant. We can now know and can explain these words: cog, trial, bough, yelp, barbed wire, chrome and sag.


We had a lovely afternoon creating pieces of thinking art, we took inspiration from the things we enjoy and the things that make us happy. Some fantastic pictures in progress! 


Sticking with our Sci-Fi theme, we created our own algorithm on Scratch Junior to make characters move in our sci-fi themed settings. 


We have started our new class novel in year 3, looking at the genre of Science Fiction. We made some predictions about the plot of the story and we are looking forward to discovering what happens to the giant iron man.


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