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Welcome to Year One!

Pauline came to visit 1O to talk about her job as a lollipop lady. She showed us her lollipop stick and explained how she uses it to stop the traffic. She also showed us all her different jackets so that she can be seen whatever the weather! Everyone in 1O was very impressed with Pauline’s bravery and we think she does an amazing job keeping everyone safe when they cross the road.


Click to see our Whole school Curriculum and Skills progression plans for the year.

Sandylands Fringe

What a great day Year One had on Friday at our school fair. 1K took part in Samba drumming with More Music, Story telling and puppet making. The fun continued after school with donkey rides, fun games and much more! We were glad the sun stayed out all day!

Beach Day Fun!

Year One had a fun time having a Beach Day in school as part of their seaside theme. We played in the paddling pools, squirted Miss Kenworthy and Miss Todd with water guns and made sandcastles in the sand. To top it off we enjoyed ice cream with sauce and sprinkle! 1K said it was ‘the best day ever!’.

Year One Achievements!

Well done to Daniel, who has achieved his Gold certificate at Year 2 level for Mathletics. Good job!


Well done to Poppy , who received her Rainbow Promise certificate. 

And last but no least, well done to Leon  for achieving Level 3 of the ASA duckling Award Scheme. 


We have been practicing our painting techniques when using watercolours. We used a sweeping movement to create a background wash and we sued a dabbing movement to create a pattern. We will be using these skills when we paint our own illustration for our own Tales of Mischief and Mayhem.


International Dance Day!

Wow! what fun we have had dancing the day away. We been doing tap and ballet dancing (even the boys enjoyed themselves!) and we learnt some Brazilian Dance moves too. 


Tales of Mischief and Mayhem

Year one have had a great time learning all about the famous author and illustrator ‘Beatrix Potter’. We have written fact files about her life and we have read her most famous story ‘Peter Rabbit’. 

This term we are reading Tales written by Beatrix Potter – Click the link below to see our reading lighthouse. 

Animal stories reading lighthouse Year 1

Click the link below to have a look at our Learning Lighthouse  and see what other exciting things we will be doing this half term.

Learning Lighthouse

World Book Day 

We had great fun dressing up as our favourite book characters today. We had a range of characters from Spiderman to Moana! Year One read the story ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’. We made predictions about who was at the door, sequenced the story and made wanted posters to help find the tiger. Just before dinner the tiger was found roaming our corridor. We fed him some dinner and sent him on his way.

Year One Morrisons Trip

What a great morning we had at Morrisons. We got to make our own pizza and chose the toppings with Kim. We watched the fishmonger, Track, prepare squid and Derek the Butcher showed us how beef can made into burgers. The best part was taking away a delicious dohnut from the bakery. Yum!

When we got back to school, we did some writing about our trip.

Disgusting sandwich

This week we have been thinking of our own events that could happen in a different setting based on the familiar story of ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’ by Gareth Edwards. We went for a walk around the school to give us inspiration. Watch this space for our ‘disgusting’ stories.

Parliament loan box 

We were lucky enough to explore some real life houses of parliament resources such as a clerk’s wig (modelled by Jessica), a mace and a division bell. We talked about what they were used for and pretended to be members of parliament.


Pancake Day 

On Pancake day we designed and made our own pancakes. We tasted a variety of toppings for us to choose from. In English, we wrote an advertisement to sell our pancakes.

Problem solving

We have been using shapes to solve problems this week in maths. We have been making patterns with 2D shapes and counting faces on cubes.


Food Glorious Food

Welcome back Year One. This term, our theme is Food Glorious Food. Have a look at our learning lighthouse to see what fun filled activities we will be doing over the next few weeks.

Learning Lighthouse – letter

We will be reading lots of books to help us with our writing, including The tiger who came to tea, The disgusting sandwich and Fabulous Pie. Have a look at our Reading Lighthouse.

Reading Lighthouse food glorious food

Google Earth

Year One have been using maps and Google Earth to search for landmarks and features of Lancaster, ready for our trip tomorrow. We found Lancaster Castle, the Train Station and Williamson’s Park.

DSCN0535 DSCN0536 DSCN0538 DSCN0540 DSCN0541

Lines, Patterns and Shapes

We have been using a lot of our values in Art and Design the past three weeks, we are being resilient, determined and responsible for our learning. We have enjoyed learning new skills to be able to produce a class patchwork blanket for our school trip.


Take a look at some of our designs here.


DSCN1071 DSCN1081 DSCN1066



Ready, Steady, Write!

In our Fine Motor group this morning we have been very busy practicing our letters and checking we are writing them the right way round!


We had fun learning with iPads and Squiggly Letters, writing using chalk and water in the tuff tray, using peg boards to make letters formed the right way as well as making words with letters on paper plates.


We are getting so much better at checking our own work to look for letter mistakes.


DSCN1004 DSCN1006 DSCN1009 DSCN1012

Paddington Bear

Paddington is having so much fun with his bear friends at school. He even enjoyed his marmalade off Leon. Yum Yum!



1k had a great time this afternoon, practising their golf skills by doing some putting and chipping.

DSCN0470 DSCN0471 DSCN0472 DSCN0473


Reading Library

We were very excited yesterday to go to the school Library bus and choose our own books to display, read and talk about in our classrooms.

We are proud of our choices and have already been explaining to our friends why we chose the ones we did.


Year One’s Monday morning was off to an adventurous start.

We found footprints and clues that we had to read and follow to find our surprise visitor at Sandylands…….. Paddington Bear has traveled up from London to see us.


We are going to use our value of Responsibility to look after Paddington and we can’t wait to get learning about him and his very famous stories.


The Adventures of Paddington Bear

Our new learning focus is The Adventures of Paddington Bear. We will be learning about the features of our locaility and comparing it to our capital city, London, where Paddington will be having lots of fun and adventures. We will use atlases and globes a long with Google Earth to locate and name the seven continents of the world and the four countries of the UK. We will be producing a range of Artwork through our new skills and techniques.

Learning Lighthouse – Paddington Bear pdf


Reading Lighthouse

Check out our learning lighthouse to see the reading competencies we will be developing.

Adventure Stories reading lighthouse Year 1

Recount Biography reading lighthouse Year 1


Year 1 RE

As part of our Christianity topic on ‘God,’ Rev Linda Macluskie from St John’s Church came to talk to the children about why Christians give gifts at Christmas.

year-1-4 year-1-3 year-1-2 yeae-1-1

RE – The Nativity Story

As part of our Christianity unit on ‘God,’ Diana from NISCU came to talk to Year 1 about the Nativity Story. The children enjoyed learning the story through music and puppets.

dscn0388 dscn0387 dscn0385 dscn0384 dscn0383 dscn0381

Reading Lighthouse


Our new English theme is Recounts:Biographies. Check out our learning lighthouse to see the reading competencies we will be developing.





Winter Wonderland is upon us in Year One!


Our new learning focus is Winter Wonderland and is based around a Geographical and Historical theme. We are going to look at significant people in History, those great Antarctic Explorers as well as describing the physical features of the continent using our research knowledge in Geography!


Take a look at our learning lighthouse here, the children had SO many ideas about winter that we can’t wait to get started!




Holiday Homework!

Here is Year One’s Holiday Homework.

Have a fabulous week off and we will see you on Tuesday 8th November.


Adventure stories!

We arrived in school this morning to find a message left by Jeffrey and Scamper…


Where have they gone? Have they gone to rescue a Princess or defeat a brave Knight? We have been creating our own adventure ideas using different characters.

dscn0686 dscn0687 dscn0691


Our clay dragons are back from the kiln!

Time to paint our dragons now they are back. We are looking forward to showing them at our exhibition tomorrow….Don’t miss it!


Counting Dragons . . .

Wow, what a week it has been in Year One. We have been using our imaginations and building up our adjectives to describe dragons by using Pie Corbett’s ‘Counting Dragon’ poem as our stimulus.

We have linked Maths and English by learning to write numbers as words as well as using verbs in P.E to begin to understand actions.



Now we can’t wait to showcase our poems at

our Dragondscn0501 Extravaganza dscn0499on Tuesday 25th October 2016.





Roar-some fun in Year One!

Potty Roos have been in Year One this morning teaching us how to make dragons out of clay. We have used all the techniques we practiced on Friday including some new techniques, such as using a slip to glue the parts of our dragon together. We have had great fun adding detail using tools and we can’t wait to get them back from the kiln.

dscn0421 dscn0431 dscn0432 dscn0448 dscn0452

Hold tight for our next update.
Hands on with clay techniques!

Yesterday afternoon both Year One classes begun to learn and practise clay techniques. We learnt how to roll into a ball, smooth out, pinch and pull, squeeze to shape and use tools to carve and add detail.


Take a look at some of our dragons, we are really proud of them after using new skills.

Callum said “It was really hard to do at first but with lots of practice I could roll and squeeze the clay to shape!”

Phoebe was delighted with her mock up dragon and said “I can’t believe I could shape and mould it to make it look like a real dragon!”


We are now really looking forward to putting our techniques to the test on Monday with the local clay experts, Potty Roos. Watch this space for our work in progress!


Roar-some Dragons

We have kicked off our first term in Year One with a theme all about dragons. We are using amazing adjectives to describe dragons, designing our own dragons and building up to writing and performing dragon poetry.

We are looking forward to Potty Roos (our local clay experts) coming into school to teach us new Art skills to make our own dragons. We are excited to showcase all our work to parent/careers on Tuesday 24th October. See you then!


This is our learning lighthouse which explains some of the experiences we will have during our theme.



Welcome to Year One 2016 – 2017!

Roald Dahl 100 years – Matilda

We had a fantastic day dressed up as Roald Dahl characters and reading snippets of his wonderful children’s books – we even rated Matilda as 5/5 stars!! We used our understanding of people to compare the niceness if Matilda to the nastiness of Miss Trunchbull (we are glad she’s not at Sandylands!)



Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Miss Kenworthy’s class had an amazing time at the beach this morning. They have been building sandcastles, drawing sketches of the landscape, blowing bubbles and finding shells for their art work. Good fun was had by all.

DSCN0275 DSCN1010 DSCN1020 DSCN1025


New skills in Art come in the form of tinting!

We have been learning about the work of Paul Klee and his tinting method to make sea paintings.

We have experimented with adding white to change the shade of a colour. It was interesting to see how much white we needed to add to change the colour all together.

DSCN0957 DSCN0958

“I had a fantastic time using a thin paint brush to change the colour, just like Paul”.


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Year One are very excited to introduce their new theme for 4 weeks…. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Here is our learning lighthouse, which we have had our say about what we would like to learn and find out.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside Lighthouse


Morecambe Football Club

The children in Year One have had a fun football themed day! We have learnt some new football skills, had a tour of Morecambe Football Club and tried to shoot a goal past Christie the Cat. This afternoon we have been designing our very own football shirt. All the children have had a great first day back at school.

DSCN0908 DSCN0859 DSCN0871 DSCN0895 DSCN0920




Click to see our Whole school Curriculum and Skills progression plans for the year.


Learning whatever the weather!

This week Year One have been doing Maths outdoors. We have been measuring our towers with metre sticks, counting in 5s using coins and drawing around 2D shapes. We have had lots of fun!




Fun at the Fair

Year One have begun their thrilling ride into their summer term theme with the Morecambe Carnival 2016. They designed and wrote advertising posters for the event and were able to describe the fun!

In the coming weeks children will become fun fair authors and plan their own adventures in a world of attractions!

Using the children’s ideas we are going to leap into action and build on lots of experiences already had in Year One.

See the lighthouse below for a range of things Year One will be getting up to in the next 3 weeks!

Fun at the Fair Lighthouse


Food Glorious Food Food_Glorious_Food

This half term Year One are exploring Food Glorious Food by tasting, describing and making foods! We will be looking at riddles from the one and only ‘Riddler’ and solving his clues to find the answers. We will also look at recipes and how to make pizza! During this theme we will venture to the park for a ‘disgusting’ adventure with a sandwich!

f g g


We are very excited and have put our ideas on to our lighthouses in 1C and 1K. Here is our lighthouse for you to see everything we will be up to in the next 6 weeks 🙂 Hopefully we will see you in school soon to showcase some more of our amazing food glorious food work!
food glorious food picture


The Runaway Pancake!

In Year 1 this week we are very busy catching, making and tasting pancakes! We are focusing on the story The Runaway Pancake and re-writing the ending 🙂 We are also writing posters to tempt the Pancake Man to buy our pancakes from the shop, using lots of adjectives to describe why mine is the best!

Learning Lighthouse



Spring Term

What a kick start we have had – going on a bear hunt and taking Paddington under our wings to look after him for the Brown’s. We wrote fantastic bear stories, with the help of our very own teddy bears. We are now busy writing poems about his London adventures, “It’s great learning about London, I absolutely loved it when I went in Summer with my family” Seth, 1C. Next up is our school trip, 3 transport methods in 1 trip! “I’m very excited to go on a train, I think it will be  a fast one!” Austyn, 1C.

Learning Lighthouse – Paddington Bear


It Was The Night Before Christmas – Year One Christmas Play

If you were lucky enough to come and watch the Year One Christmas Production then I’m sure you will agree how amazing the children were. We couldn’t have asked for more enthusiasm or confidence, they made it so much fun to practice and perform.


Year 1’s First Term
Wow, what an adventurous start we had to Year Ones’s first term! We thoroughly enjoyed our hands on learning experiences and that was just after ten weeks. We hatched a dragon’s egg and kept it as a pet to help us with our descriptive writing, we wrote dragon poems after designing and building 3d dragons in D.T. “I really loved having Spike as our class pet but I’m glad we found him his own friends!” Jayden in 1C. We then helped out the Brooke family moving to Morecambe by writing information posters and a new child friendly Sandylands prospectus, we used maps and directions of our local area to develop our geographical knowledge. The Brooke family decided to move to the area, our writing must have been persuasive! We have met and interviewed Beatrix Potter and begun to build on our historical knowledge of a famous person, we love her animal books. “I can’t believe we got to see all the characters on our school trip” said Tiffany in 1K. Beatrix Potter made a fantastic impact on our learning and we wrote some amazing animal stories.

Learning Lighthouse

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