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    Loving our first year in school!


Hello and welcome to Reception. Keep up to date with what is going on here.

Fly A Kite

In Reception we are not put off by the weather. We used the heavy winds on Tuesday (17th Oct) to make and fly kites. We experimented wtih different ways of making the kites to make them fly successfully.

The Park

What an exciting time we had on our very first school trip!
We visited Williamson Park where we collected signs of autumn, climbed the hills and found some muddy puddles. We even saw some wildlife including creepy crawlies, birds and even a fast squirrel!

Reading and Phonics

We are introducing our first group of letter sounds. These are

WB 18.9.17: s, a, t, p

WB 25.9.17: i, n, m, d

WB 2.10.17: g o c k ck

WB 9.10.17: e u r

WB 16.10.17: h b f l

WB 23.10.17: ff ll ss

In Reception we not only want to develop readers but a love of reading. Each week your child will bring home 3 books to share and enjoy. Read each book many times through the week so that it becomes familiar to your child and they feel like they can read it themselves!

Don’t forget there are always our online Reading Bug scheme.

Any questions please see a member of staff.



Summer Festival Day

What a fun day we have had at our Summer Festival Day. We made pizzas, had our faces painted, splatter painted, made tie dye headscarves, danced as cheerleaders and put on shows on our ‘Main Stage’. Here are some of the pictures from our exciting day.

Click below on our Newsletter to find out about key dates in Reception for the last few weeks of the school year.

Reception Newsletter

 A Fantastic Day at Greenlands Farm

We had a wonderful trip to Greenlands Farm. The children loved seeing all the animals, petting them, brushing them and feeding the animals. We met a range of different animals, from pigs to goats, a corn snake and a rather friendly Turkey. 

The children loved asking questions to find out more information about the animals. For many it was the first time they had been on a coach and we even had a picnic lunch (with a few friendly animals nearby).

The children all want to go on a trip everyday!


Down at the bottom of the Garden

We have taken advantage of the glorious spring weather by exploring in our Early Years garden.

We have planted our bean plants and prepared our planters ready for some vegatables .

The children have loved getting dirty, moving logs and stones to see what mini-beasts they could find.


International Day of Dance

As part of International Day of Dance we learnt some ballet, tap and modern dancing.

We were lucky enough to be shown an amazing ballet dance by Miss Chloe, a real life dancer! Mrs Dixon even dusted off her tap shoes to show us what to do. The children loved it and couldn’t wait to join in and learn how to dance too. The girls loved acting like fairies, while the boys were strong and tough showing their big muscles.


Animal Care

On Thursday (27.4) we were joined in school by Michael from Animal Care. He talked to us about the brilliant job that they do to look after animals. He even brought in one of their rescue dogs ‘Buddy’ for us to meet.

Morecambe Football

Every Friday morning sports coaches from Morecambe Football club will be coming into Reception to work with the children. They will be helping develop our physical core skills, as well as our teamwork and problem solving. Here are some pictures of what we have been up to:



24 Hours in St Patrick’s Day

Today in Reception we celebrated all things Irish in our 24 hours in St Patrick.

We made soda bread, wrote our  wishes at the end of the rainbow, made shamrock hats and even took part in some Irish dancing.


Marvellous Morecambe

We have been making panakes, learning the recipe and ingredients as well as how to be safe around a hot pan.


We have loved looking at our houses on ‘Google Maps’. It helped us to remember the special number that our house has and it’s special road or street name.We even found our Reception bulding!

The Superheroes have arrived!

Reception is being taken over by a band of brave superheroes with a mission to protect us!

We have been completing Superhero challenges, here is a selection of our wonderful indepedent writing.

superhero writing 1 superhero writing 2  superhero writing 4 superhero writing 5

We have been painting and drawing our favourite Superheroes, here is our gallery.

superhero gallery

Our story corner has been transformed into our ‘Hero Area’.

book corner

While we can read all about the adventures of our favourite superheroes in our comic area.

comic 2


We have been making our own Superhero costumes using material and our creative skills.

making costumes


We are becoming increasingly confident with our reading. We are now learning our Phase 3 letter sounds.

Week Begnning: 9.1.17: sh, ch, th, ng

Christmas in Reception.

What a fun learning filled Christmas it has been in Reception.

We showed our growing confidence in speaking and singing aloud when performing to packed houses for our ‘Little Nativity’. DVD’s are still available if you have not got one yet!

We helped Santa’s Elf ‘Sandy’ by completing missions sent by him and Santa.

The children took on the roles of Elves in the workshop, designing and making toys for some lucky boys and girls.


We wrote our letters for Santa to tell him what we wanted this year.


We created our own Snowmen and compared their sizes, talking about the ‘tallest’ and ‘shortest’.


Everyday we completed a new writing challenge from our Disney Advent Calender, from writing the name of our best friend to thinking of a way to stop Olaf from melting!

writing-1 writing-2 writing-3

Bella wanted ‘Elf Power’ as a new power. Troy’s favoutite song was ‘Go Go Power Rangers’. Jennifer’s best friend was Reginald.


Our Santa’s Workshop has been a real hit with the boys and girls. They have been making lots of model toys to help the Elves.

2  1




A mysterious elf has arrived from the North Pole on a mission from Santa to check we are all being good boys and girls. The elf (along with a few of his elf friends) has helped decorate the building and has been up to all sorts of different things from losing Santa’s Christmas letters to mixing up the numbers.


Keep checking to see what the elf has been up to next.

Our Disney friends have left us a different challenge behind each door of our advent calendar. We have had to write down the name our best friend for Timon and Pumba, think of a present for Elsa and build a new house for Rapunzel.



The children have been busy learning songs for our Nativity performances on Tuesday 20th December. Tickets are now available, so come along and join in the Christmas spirit.

Even though it was a bit chilly we had a great ‘Get Active Day’  on Friday 25th November.

We took part in lots of games using our sports equipment outside: balancing, running, football, catch, bat a ball, parachute play and crawling to name a few. Inside we learned how to make animal shapes with our bodies through yoga for children and responding to music too. Hopefully your child was not too tired to enjoy themselves this weekend!

Can you spot the flamingo?



Balancing bonanza!


317 web-photos-085320 321 322 web-photos-005 web-photos-008 web-photos-011 web-photos-013 web-photos-019 web-photos-021 web-photos-023 Working together.

On Thursday 1st December we will be having 24 Hours in Bedtime. Children can come to school dressed in their bedtime clothes (pyjamas, slippers) and bring with them their favourite bedtime story and teddy!

We love reading in Reception, here is our reading lighthouse for our ‘Night Time’ theme.


Find below our ‘Learning in Reception’ newsletter for November:


World Values Day

In Reception we have been thinking about how we can be ‘gentle’ towards our friends, showing how in Reception we value each other. Our friend ‘Zelda the Zebra’ has been watching out for children who are gentle and rewarding them with a special sticker.




We have started learning our first phonemes (letter sounds).

We have learnt:

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r,

Week Beg 17.10.16: h, b, f, l

You can help your child by asking your child about the letter sound, thinking of words that begin with each sound and finding the letters in their reading books.


We are starting our PE lessons, can you please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school and that all items are named so that it is easy to return to the correct child.

You can help your child by encouraging them to change independently at home.


We have been learning all about Autumn. We have been looking carefully at how the leaves change colour and fall from the trees.

You can help your child by looking for signs of autumn in the world around us.

Our Favourite Stories

We have been learning our favourite stories ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood,’ telling the stories and dressing up as our favourite characters.

You can help your child by reading your favourite stories at home.



Reading Meeting

Thanks to all those that attended our recent reading meeting. It was great to see so many faces. Phonics packs are being produced for those parents that were unfortunately unable to attend.

The children have been receiving their first home reading books. These books are either picture books  or ones that have simple text. These books are perfect for developing reading behavour such as turning the pages, finding pictures and words and developing the language of stories. Every child will receive 3 books a week to read and share at home. We are trying to develop reading enjoyment and fluency so read each book as many times as you like. If there is a book that your child loves let us know and we can help to choose similar books in the future!


Storm Hunting

This morning we have been listening to the thunder and looking for lightning.

thunder 1 thunder 3

While inside, we made our own cosy storm shelter to share our favourite stories.

thunder 2

  24 Hours In America

To celebrate American Independence Day, Reception held a special 24 Hours in America. The children learned about the American flag, the different buildings, took part in some American sports and of course loved all things Disney.

fr_327_size580 fr_320_size580

Our Trip to Greenlands Farm

What a wonderful day we had at Greenlands Farm. We met many animals, holding them and feeding them. We nearly shared our lunch with 2 emus, was followed around by Sage the Turkey and was charged at by a ram.

fr_180_size580 fr_179_size580 fr_173_size580 fr_152_size580 fr_136_size580

48 Hours in Science

We started our final half term in Reception with a special 2 days dedicated to science. We had great fun exploring and demonstrating our understanding about the world around us.

We learned about how things change, testing how long it took our ice pops to freeze, how chocolate melted to make our crispy cakes and how bread changed in the toaster.

We tested which things were magnetic and non-magnetic.

george magnet boys magnet

We explored how our shadows were formed and drew around our friends shadows.

girls shadow

We loved exploring the water, testing what floated and what sunk.

callum water

Exploring in the Garden

We had great fun exploring in the garden.

digging 2 digging

We loved finding wildlife. We found worms, woodlice, spiders, snails and even 2 frogs!

frog snail

Fun in the Sun

We had great fun playing and learning in the sun.

We loved creating stories when dressing up.

dressing up

We showed our brilliant teamwork when playing in the water.


We loved exploring the soil, getting a little dirty!


web-photos-083Let’s hope for more sunny days!


What an exciting morning we had as we travelled on the train to visit Lancaster Castle and the Priory Church.

castle church esther train rob train

We have started learning all about Castles. We have helped to design and build our very own Castle in Reception.

portculliscastle 2castle 1

Jack and the Beanstalk Maths Week

This week in Reception (29th March) we have been set a big challenge. We received a letter from Jack to inform us that despite popular belief it was his mum that chopped the beanstalk down and as a result he is stuck in the Giant’s Kingdom. Our challenge is to make our own beanstalk to rescue Jack. We will be doing this by completing challenges set by the Golden Goose. For every challenge we complete we will win a leaf to add to the beanstalk.

Day 1

The children completed challenges such as sorting different magic beans, counting beans and matching number egg shells. Our Beanstalk is really starting to grow.

beanstalk num 1

Day 2

The beanstalk continued to grow thanks to our challenges. We counted how many pots we could fill with soil in a minute. We sorted the golden nuggets, putting the numbers in order. We guessed what Jack had stolen from the Giant and we used Giant tweezers to pick up beans.

beanstalk 2

Day 3

A box arrived and we had to guess what Jack had stolen from the Giant. Lucy correctly guessed it was a hammer, well done Lucy. We loved weighing the Golden egg, finding things that are heavier and lighter. We earned lots of leaves for our Beanstalk!

Day 4

We did it! We earned our final leaves to complete our beanstalk.

beanstalk final

Jack succesfully climbed down the Beanstalk leaving us a letter to say thank you for rescuing him from the Giant’s Kingdom.

jack letter

He left us a treat to say thank you. Mr O’Beirne and the children were very excited!

choc eggs

 Once Upon a Time

This term we are retelling our favourite traditional stories.

The 3 Little Pigs

We loved the story of the 3 Little Pigs so much, we are dressing up as them and building our own houses to keep us safe from that nasty Wolf!

boys house shape house

We loved walking around our local area, noticing the different houses.

We showed our artistic side by creating houses from our old rubbish!

jacob house phoebe house

Red Riding Hood

Our role play area was transformed into ‘Grandma’s Cottage’ and the ‘Deep Dark Wood’ where you might spot a wolf!

red riding hood

The children enjoyed talking about their families, showing photographs and painting what they are look like.

family paint 2 family paint

Harvey the Magician

On Tuesday 2nd February we were visited by Harvey the Magician. We had a fantastic experience learning all about how to stay healthy and joining in with his magic tricks.

harvey 1

Cake Sale

Many thanks for your brilliant support with our cake sale. Thanks for your fantastic support we raised over £70. This has allowed us to adopt a polar bear and a snow leopard through the charity WWF.

polar bear snow leopard


Each Friday morning there will be a library for children from Reception and Nursery. This is an exciting opportunity to come and borrow a book from our library to share with your child at home. The library will be open every Friday morning before school from 8.40-8.50 in our new Community Hub building. The Early Years family support team will also be on hand.

Spring Term

This half term in Reception we are getting all wrapped up warm so we can learn all about our ‘Frozen Planet’. We have been visited by ‘Chick’ a young penguin who has lost his Daddy, we are going to try to help him find his way home.

We were shocked to hear that the ice is melting and it is now hard for Polar Bears to find food. We are hoping to raise money to sponsor a Polar Bear and help keep them safe.

fr_53_size580 fr_54_size580 fr_57_size580

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