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Take a stroll through our ‘Sandylands Reading Wood’ to discover the exciting and innovative methods we use to support, engage and inspire our children’s love for reading.


Step with boys Quality Award 2018

We are very proud to have been presented with the Step with Boys Quality Award this week. This award is in recognition of work undertaken in Reception to encourage boy’s writing. Mrs Dixon and Mr O’Beirne have commented the programme has had a real impact on the boy’s enthusiasm for writing over the past term. We are looking forward to reading some of their work very soon! Watch this space. 

Literacy Live 2018

What an amazing day we had on Friday. The children took part in lots of different workshops – Shakespeare, wise up drama, poetry, performance rap, storytelling, creative writing to name a few! Thank you to all the parents who joined us after school too. 




Exciting news … we have signed up to the Lancashire County Council ‘We are reading’ pledge for 2018. This will involve lots of different reading initiatives over the coming year. See more information below and click on the link for more information about the pledge. 

Sandylands reading pledge


Click below to access our School development plan for Reading this year.

Development plan english sept 17-18


Click below to access our Sandylands Reading Spine 2017-18

Sandylands reading spine




” I like snuggling up in our reading corner with a good book – I like Harry Potter best!” Lewis


Reading through school


Our class reading corners are at the heart of each classroom – a place where children can sit and immerse themselves in a good book. Last year, the School Parliament ran a survey asking children to tell them about their reading likes and dislikes. They then went about re-stocking the reading corners with new books which the children selected themselves. As you can see the children love their new books and are always keen to choose a good book!


2016-05-24 16.33.45 2016-05-24 16.53.45thunder 2



The children enjoy our weekly delivery of First News which keep them up to date with the latest news around the world. The different articles initiate some great discussion in class and around school.





Our School Library


“I like going to the library every week .. you even get to take books home!” Holly




The Library is an important place for all our children. It gives them access to lots of books to take home and share a story with family. All classes have a timetabled weekly library session where they can share a book with their teacher as well as change their library books. Our regular book fairs in school help raise funds to re-stock our Library – the children recently chose some new non-fiction History and Geography reference books which have proved popular!


                                                                              ” My teacher has funny voices when reading us a story – it makes me laugh!” Lilly



Sandylands Book Club


Our book choice of the month is:


Read the “true” story of Father Christmas….

This story is currently a huge favourite in our book club. The children love it because it is funny, warm and heartbreaking and has made them think about the true meaning of Christmas.


Our lunchtime Book Club for some of our more able readers is proving to be a huge hit with the children. They spend the sessions discussing books which have been recommended by the local library services as well as developing their vocabulary.

It is held in the school library on Tuesday at lunchtimes, for children in years 4, 5 and 6.

Book Club invitations

img_0062  img_0060 img_0059 img_0058

Sharing ideas and questioning

dsc_0994 dsc_1039 dsc_0995 img_0106 img_0108


We give each book a mark out of 10 and record it in the library.




These are the books that we are reading and reviewing in book club at the moment


“This book was my favourite out of all the books I’ve read in our book club because it made me feel warm inside.  It will make you feel happy and calm.  The main character is Nikolas and he is the best because he is full of joy and hope all the way through the book.   One part made me cry; it was so sad in parts.”

Reviewed by Abbie Year 5


“This book is so brilliant ; it made me cry in a good way and it also made me smile too. I like the way the author wrote the story; it is brilliant because it really paints the picture and it actually made me feel that I was Nikolas (the main character).  I also liked the beautiful illustrations.   The main idea is ‘Always believe the IMPOSSIBLE!’  It suits 8-11 year olds because there are some parts of the story that are VERY emotional.”

Reviewed by Bea   Year 5



“This is my favourite book  because I really liked it when the teacher turns into a creature in the classroom and how the children had to try to keep the creature away from the headteacher.  At the start of every chapter there is a funny school rule.  My favourite chapter and rule was ‘Always tell Amelia Trotter-Hogg what to do!’   I liked the way the book was set out with lots of illustrations.  100/100.

Reviewed by Emily Year 4


“We liked Poppy’s Place because we love cats, like Isla, who is the main character.     Isla has a passion for cats and she helps her mum in the local vets.  The problem at the start of the story is that Isla is not allowed a cat but then Grandma came to visit and shares a bedroom with Isla and they ended up opening a Cat Cafe for people who didn’t have  cats.  Then there was another problem- they had too many cats and people for the cat cafe….    We couldn’t wait to turn the pages because it was so exciting and we really recommend reading this book.”

Reviewed by Emma and Serena in Year 5


“One of the main characters in the story is a cat called Poppy.    I really liked this book the best out of all the books because it is funny, serious and all about cats and kitties.   I would recommend this book for all ages because even toddlers would like listening to the story.”

Reviewed by Millie  Year 4


“We liked reading Poppy’s Place because it’s all about cats and a cat cafe.  Isla  (who is the main character in the book) opens a  cafe for people who don’t have cats and it’s totally amazing!  We think people who like cats will absolutely love this book like we did.  It is really fun to read and we think it’s suitable for children  aged 8-11 years old.”

Reviewed by Cerys and Rae Year 4



“I chose this book in the first place because of the title. But it wasn’t just the title I liked;  it was because Joe (the main character) accidentally became the prime minister and he’s just  a young boy! It is funny. “

Reviewed by Kyran  Year 4



” I liked this book so much because I thought it was extremely funny.  I sniggered at every bit.  The illustrations and jokes are really funny but some of the jokes were a bit more grown up so I recommend this book for children aged 9+ .   The main characters in the story tell lots of jokes and this one is my favourite…‘Why did the cow cross the road………..? To get to the udder side!!!‘  Ha ha!”

Reviewed by Daniel Year 5



The children in book club came up with these ideas of things to think about when  reading.

img_0068 img_0069 img_0070 img_0071 img_0072 img_0073 img_0074 img_0075 img_0076 img_0077 img_0078 img_0079


Hot Seating  (at Book Club)

For the past few weeks, the children have chosen a character from one of the books they have been reading and have come to book club prepared to share their thoughts and feelings about this character.

dsc_0993 dsc_1009

Millie in Year 4 took the HOT SEAT as Nikolas from ‘A Boy Called Christmas’ and the children asked searching questions to find out more about the character of Nikolas.  Millie dressed as the part in ‘olden day clothes’ and a red hat that Nikolas wore in the story.


dsc_1031 dsc_1027

Emma in Year 5 pretended to be Isla from ‘Poppy’s Place’….. Mrs Orr thinks that Emma would make a perfect ‘Poppy’ if a film was ever made about this book!



Abbie in Year 5 came dressed as Joe from ‘The Imagination Box’……..Abbie says this is a good book to read if you want to develop your imagination…..



Serena in Year 5 and Chloe in Year 6 made  the perfect Mr & Mrs Bold from Julian Clary’s book  “The Bolds to the Rescue.”  We had lots of laughs as they talked about all the funny things they got up to in the book.



Reading in class


For each new Curriculum theme, teachers put together a mini- reading lighthouse which outlines the texts we will be using in class as well as the reading skills we will develop during lessons


Click on the link to have a look at an example of our mini-reading lighthouses  reading-lighthouse-stories-with-a-message


We are lucky enough to be part of the local library services which provide each class with a selection of fiction and non-fiction books linked to our themes.





Each class runs daily Guided Reading sessions which gives the children a chance to read with an adult and analyse texts in greater depth. During these sessions, children share books together in a variety of ways including accessing a virtual library using the IPADs, listen to stories on the listening station, answering comprehension questions and completing reading related activities.



“Guided Reading is good because we get to work with the teacher and she enjoys the book too!” Jake 



There’s nothing better than sharing a book together as a class. All classes have some time during the day to read a class novel or story.




                                                        “You are never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and share with a child” Dr Seuss

Reading at home

We are all excited about the new on-line reading book club we have introduced recently. The children all have a personalised log in and web page where they can access books to read at their level at home and in class. It is already a great success and children are busy collecting coins towards their rewards! 


Phonics in action


Using our phonics in class and around school. We use Letters and Sounds and Song of Sounds to help us in our daily Phonics sessions.



IMG_0043 DSCN0318 IMG_0058



Reception and Year 1 run parent workshops to explain how we teach phonics in school as well as sharing the Phonics screening information. These open evenings are always well attended and parents receive a phonics pack to take away and use at home with their children.






Supporting reading through school


Early reading intervention is really important for our children. Mrs Orr is starting a parent workshop which will help parents to support their child through the reading process and evoke a passion for reading. These session will look at the importance of Nursery rhymes, rhythm and rhyme as well as using role play to support encourage and motivate children to engage and develop a real love for reading at an early age.



We use Reading Recovery which is an intensive 1:1 support for children. These sessions happen daily and work on developing children’s fluency, comprehension and phonic awareness.

DSCN0315 DSCN0310 DSCN0309 DSCN0313_1 DSCN0318



Our family support team love sharing a book with different children and talking about the characters and themes within a story.


mr_roberts   mrs_purcell mrs_brown


Words First reading program supports children develop their reading skills using a multi-sensory whole word approach.




Toe by toe is a highly structured phonic reading programme used in Key Stage 2 to support children’s reading development.




We use the IDL programme throughout Phase 2 to support reading and spelling for those children who need additional support to reach age-related expectations.