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 Year Four

Welcome to Year 4’s page for the new school year. Our first topic the Rotten Romans has got off to a flying start as we have already discovered lots about their impressive empire!




Dinky Dentists!

Following our study of the digestive system our little scientists have carried out an experiment to see which liquids decay our teeth quicker! We have placed hard  boiled eggs in different liquids and are tracking them over the course of the week. We have learned how to ensure our test is fair and made a sensible prediction from our knowledge on what decays teeth!
I think we will have a few more children wanting to drink only water from now on!

Mosaic Magic!

Flexing our creative muscles, over the past two weeks the children have been studying and creating their own mosaics, we first planned the design and made them on card and then today made them out of clay! I think they now understand how long it must have taken to tile an entire floor in the Roman times!






This term our topic is Rainforests. Below is a link to our learning lighthouse.

Learning lighthouse Rainforests


Ghyll Scrambling!

Wow! What an amazing few days Year 4 had with Morecambe High when they went Ghyll Scrambling in the lakes. There is another group still to go too! Thanks to our pupil premium money our children can experience wonderful things like this. Thanks to Morecambe High!

Liverpool Philharmonic! 

Year 4 were lucky enough to experience the amazing Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra today! We learnt about the different families that are in an orchestra and world famous composers. 


More Music

 Year 4 were treated to a visit from More Music’s Ben, who helped us learn to develop and perform our Willy Wonka Rap





4D did a fantastic job researching and designing their own chocolate bar wrappers and even made their own Wonka bar with a secret ingredient!





Year 4 investigated electricity and made some fantastic circuits




Learning lighthouse Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Year 4 Gymnastics


Year 4 took part in the Gymnastics competition at Heysham High- They performed beautifully and came 2nd overall- well done!





Year 4 RE

Diana, from NISCU came to talk to Year 4 about The Nativity Story. The children enjoyed

learning the story through games, music and a quiz!

dscf0223 dscf0226 dscf0231 dscf0238


Well Done Boys!!! 

A huge well done to the year 4 boys that played at Heysham High in a inter school tournament this week. It was the first competition for year 4 this year and they played really well! They just missed out on getting through to the final stages of the competition. Well done!



Year 4 kicked started their new theme, the Terrible Tudors, today researching the Kings and Queens from the period. This included using QR codes and non-fiction books. We also had a look at Henry VIII, his six wives and his short temper!

image image

Values Day – Fridenship 

Today the whole school took part in a values day and year 4 chose to look at the value of friendship. We discussed why friendship is important and how we can use it within school to help us to learn. We took part in some team building activities and created a friendship chain using the qualities we thought made a great friend!

image image

Book Club 

Some of our children in year 4 have been very excited about joining the new book club. Have fun reading and discussing some brilliant books that have been chosen for you!



World Book Day 

Year 4 have celebrated 100 years of Roald Dahl by looking at one of his most famous books ‘The BFG’. We have been writing our very own dreams and dressed up as our favourite Roald Dahl character.



During the summer term, Year 4 will be looking at Rainforests.

Look out for copies of the Learning Lighthouse heading home!!

Learning lighthouse – Rainforest


Welcome to Year 4. We have had a brilliant year so far, exploring the magical world of Hogwarts with Harry Potter, researching the life and death of King Richard III and spending time looking at our national sporting heroes who show British Values that we can all look up to. Willy Wonka has also made a special appearance, offering the children the chance to win a sixth golden ticket! We have looked at issues with global significance, such as the weather, as well as national stories, including 24hours in Remembrance Day. Locally, we have visited Morecambe to see the Midland Hotel and Winter Gardens. We used this experience to compare how the buildings have changed since the 1920/1930’s. We also ventured to Arnside for our sponsored walk, it was a great day out for all of Year 4.



Latest Gallery

Year 4 enjoyed brilliant afternoon in the Midland Hotel, we had a tour of the building and got the chance to ask lots of questions about the design, some of the features and interior of the fantastic 1920’s themed building. We also had the chance to experience a lovely afternoon tea, with sandwiches and cake.

IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0139IMG_0128 IMG_0129 IMG_0144IMG_0132   IMG_0146 IMG_0149 IMG_0158


We had a fantastic time today trying to break some of our own world records that we had come up with as a class. They included popping 78 balloons in 1 minute and 3 seconds, managing to put 53 pencils in Nadia’s hair in 3 minutes and trying to keep Megan off the floor by taping her to the wall.

4M 006  4M 017 4M 018    4M WR 0294M WR 0104M WR 0084M 002




Today we finished our instruments and composed a short piece of tribal music. Can you spot some of the animals hiding in our Year 4 rainforest?

DSCN0383 DSCN0390 DSCN0391 DSCN0392 DSCN0393 DSCN0394


Keeping up with our Rainforest theme we have been making and designing our own jungle inspired instruments so we can then create and perform our own tribal music.











In class this afternoon we have been revising our Spanish greetings and simple questions. We worked together in small groups to come up with a short conversation which some children then showed to the rest of the class. Muy buen!

DSCF0132 DSCF0134




Our value this half term is TRUST. We have talked about who we trust and the ways we can show trust towards other people. Here are a couple of examples of some of the trust games we played in class.




Angelic voices could be heard coming from our classroom today! We also used a variety of musical instruments to create a rhythm which would accompany the beautiful singing.


DSCN0217 DSCN0216  DSCN0215DSCN0223


We have had a busy afternoon finishing off our tropical rainforest information books. We have researched the anatomy, habitat, diet and threats to some of the animals living in the Amazon Rainforest.

DSCN0202 DSCN0211 DSCN0207 DSCN0203


Year 4 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to go rock climbing, some had to overcome their fears and conquer the wall but with the support and help of their classmates most children made it all the way to the top!




Our sponsored walk to Arnside Knott was a success. The weather was brilliant and we all had a great time eating our lunch while looking at the stunning views.

DSCN0067 (2)DSCN0066 (2)DSCN0071


In 4M we love a little bit of drama, today our classroom was transformed into the chocolate factory and Willy Wonka made several special appearances.










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